Blōtmōnaþ wind gust
when the    ghosts
have exit


published on weird laburnum 01.12.2019 

end year's wind
swirls away life's phantoms
frigid gusts



Men Podcast - publication

 deep roots
the rat on his head
turns round & round

abandoned backyard
the half-smile of a goblin
in the darkest corner


Happy to have 2 pieces readout by Patricia with her wonderful voice and presentation

on Poetry Pea, Series 2 Episode 22:  Subject. Men


nothing wrong with

nothing wrong with 
having dreams


published on weird laburnum 18.10.19

so many dreams
streak through each mind's universe
bright stars linger


moon words

moon reflection
behind the dark window
a dying cat

the cry of an owl
under no moon
miss you

perfectly wrong
your ebb and flow
in my life

published on weird laburnum 2019


earth dawn

earth dawn
the days I'm happy
having no child


bout de terre bout de ciel
la mer reste cachée
les enfants jouent

©patrick lucas

of our children
this world they live and play
tomorrow's dreams




some (gray) rain words

the sound of gray
on Momo Botan

summer gray jumping from drop to drop

the love you share 
more, more, more

if a sad song is
inside me


published on weird laburnum 2019