COVID Escape

unexpected visit
a neighbor’s cat
breaks the rules

escape in my garden
the flapping of butterfly wings
nothing more

hawthorn blossoms
drunken bees
enjoy their community

the earth isn’t round
enough to escape
our own race

small fishes
and no swarm
that protects us

bunny ears and masks
easter greetings
from the neighbors

Isabella Kramer

first published by Michael O'Brien on Weird Laburnum 13th April 2020


What if

what if

I would wake up inside a peony small like an elf and it’s sunday

two pinkish mice
track for mask parcels
summer wind


first published on the other bunny – 22-06-20


Green Dawn - publication of my haika collection

I'm very grateful to announce my first E-Chapbooks 2020 is published for download by Elancharan Gunasekaran on www.proletaria and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! 

brilliant rare - the eyes of a flower moon


"This is possibly one of the finest haikai pamphlets I've read in years."

Alan Summers, Japan Times Award (2002), President, 
United Haiku and Tanka Society, and co-founder of Call of the Page


the delicate short life

the delicate short life

the breath i take
from your lips

the thin line
of a newborn smile

May wind
the up and downs
of an old love

ballet dancers
the hard work
to look like a feather

your unexpected
love word to me

veredit©Isabella Kramer

first published on weird laburnum by Michael O'Brien, 5th June 2020


時雨 - shigure

shigure   we lose and find our edges


first published on Sonic Boom Issue 17 by Shloka Shanka and his team, April 2020

*shigure is kigo, originally referred to rain showers in late autumn to early winter. 

seasons set each new boundary... we span the fence


spring skin

spring skin the one petal makes the difference


first published on Poetry Pea Series 3 Episode 10: Monoku 18th May 2020

tempt the eyes
imagination follows
a new flower


photo ©isabella.kramer

social distancing

social distancing—
again snow falls
on peonies


published 2020 E-Chapbook green dawn 

moistures dust
lingers on the peonies
times thaw