lost and found

lost and found
the raven on my shoulder
no longer a stranger  

by isabella kramer  

first publishes by Caroline Skanne on hedgerow: a journal of small poems #132


featured in Covid-19 Anthology

on the other side
the war in my dreams

by isabella.kramer

I'm very grateful to be featured in the fantastic COVID-19 ANTHOLOGY filled with 238 pandemic themed haiku and 11 sequences frame a talented group of 139 international poets edited and published by Margaret Dornaus. Available as a book on demand at www.lulu.com  

Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash


A Nightmare of Childhood

A nightmare of childhood

the one-eyed doll opens her dark red lips for a scary smile — nearer and nearer — I can feel her breath at my cheeks and the only eye makes me wait like a rabbit for the badger

Zoomzeman's fiddle tones
while our rocket
flies past the moon

by isabella.kramer2020

*** Zoomzeman is the main figure in a very old German fairytale Little Peter's Journey 

This mini-haibun is first published by Elancharan Gunasekaran  in my E-Chapbooks 2020 for download on www.proletaria - green dawn 


brilliant rare

brilliant rare - the eyes of a flower moon 


First published by Elancharan Gunasekaran  in my E-Chapbooks 2020 for download on www.proletaria - green dawn 


a run-down pet store

a run-down pet store
the old owner and his cats
share each other's lunch

by isabella.kramer

first publishes by Patricia McGuire on The Poetry Pea Summer Edition 2020 

Photo by Mark on Unsplash

the May is green and white

The May is green and white

there must be a reason
why polar bears
never play dominoes

Mozart Clarinette Adagio
the heavy rain outside
more than a background

a smile
what a smile
ask the heart

war sound—
my neighbors cancel
their vacation

full rain barrel
the filigree super network
by a water spider


first published by Michael O'Brien on Weird Laburnum


Across the Styx

Across the Styx

I can't stay at home. I'm a healthcare worker and it is a very tiring and busy time in our practice. All people are very unsettled and fearful. 

by the sun 
our old cat


Published in my first E-Chapbooks 2020

green dawn 

for download by Elancharan Gunasekaran on www.proletaria 


Tick, Tock

tick, tock…

awaking next to the crocodile could be funny

better not trust dolls
with green eyes


first published bones20 on 15th July 2020

painting copyright veredit-art.isabella.kramer

victory day

victory day—
the innumerable petals
of red poppies

jour de la victoire—
les pétales innombrables
des coquelicots rouges

die unzähligen Blütenblätter

von roten Mohnblumen


Twitter, 2020-06-06
publication by Serge Tome on tempslibre 1 - 15 Jun. 2020



COVID Escape

unexpected visit
a neighbor’s cat
breaks the rules

escape in my garden
the flapping of butterfly wings
nothing more

hawthorn blossoms
drunken bees
enjoy their community

the earth isn’t round
enough to escape
our own race

small fishes
and no swarm
that protects us

bunny ears and masks
easter greetings
from the neighbors

Isabella Kramer

first published by Michael O'Brien on Weird Laburnum 13th April 2020