just justice

just justice
the tiny sparrow
tweaks the new cat 

nur gerechtigkeit
der winzige spatz
zwickt die neue katze 




first icicles reason enough for hot chocolate 


I'm very grateful for being selected among such impressive and lovely winter haiku at THE CICADA'S CRY Winter 2019 Edition. For reading the complete selection please click -> here


Christmas means

Christmas means 
making a song out of silence 


Noel carols
from each hearts silent hope
love is born



Conosci tu il paese dove fioriscono i limoni?

light flows through Varenna jumps two steps at once up winding streets and down—flashes from the lake flatter up dabbing in hidden parks magic in the green twilight dance in between swaying palms can't resist briefly to kiss very briefly just as long as a breath

rose scent      dreams of the mossy putti

by isabella.kramer©veredit

published on Haibun Today Journal - Volume 13, No. 4, December 2019 


it's a wonderful life

I‘ll lasso you the moon

serenade in rain
things friends do
if they love you

cozy first home
a damaged stairway
direct into heaven

angel wings
the darkest point
of depression

the big hole
that one missed soul
can be


a vacuum of believing
 in yourself the innocence
of rose petals

autumn night
 the call of a locomotive
and I think travel



Blōtmōnaþ wind gust
when the    ghosts
have exit


published on weird laburnum 01.12.2019 

end year's wind
swirls away life's phantoms
frigid gusts



Men Podcast - publication

 deep roots
the rat on his head
turns round & round

abandoned backyard
the half-smile of a goblin
in the darkest corner


Happy to have 2 pieces readout by Patricia with her wonderful voice and presentation

on Poetry Pea, Series 2 Episode 22:  Subject. Men